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NASA Connect - ISS - Space Station Parts (2001)
NASA Connect segment explaining each components of the International Space Station and how these parts work together.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Connect; International Space Station; Components; Solar Arrays; Thermal Radiators; Robotic Arm; Attitude Control Thrusters; Truss; Photovoltaic Arrays; Space Shuttle; Orbit; Russian Space Agency; European Space Agency; Japanese Space Agency; Canadian Space Agency; Zarya; Unity; Bridge Module; Service Module;
Duration: 00:04:25
Popularity (downloads): 2294
Lake Powell, segment 10 of 11 (1997)
A star attraction in the side canyons is Rainbow Bridge, largest natural bridge on Earth

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Construction;Dam
Duration: 00:03:27
Popularity (downloads): 453
Bridge for the Yaque
0652 PA8639 Bridge for the Yaque

Genre: Ephemeral
Duration: 00:14:01
Popularity (downloads): 254
Amateur film: Golden Gate Bridge (1939)
Views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite National Park and Golden Gate International Exposition.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: California: History;World's Fairs: San Francisco;San Francisco Bay Area;
Duration: 00:10:39
Popularity (downloads): 1611
Golden Gate Bridge Opening (1936)
Scenes on opening day.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: San Francisco: Infrastructure;
Duration: 00:04:33
Popularity (downloads): 180
[Golden Gate Bridge Opening] (1936)
Scenes on opening day.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: San Francisco: Infrastructure;
Duration: 00:04:33
Popularity (downloads): 474
Stillman Fires Collection: Tacoma Fire Dept
Footage of the Tacoma Narrows bridge wobbling and eventually, collapsing.

Genre: Ephemeral
Duration: 00:00:00
Popularity (downloads): 644
San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Groundbreaking (1932)
Dignitaries celebrate the beginning of construction on this important structure.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: San Francisco: Infrastructure;Ceremonies;
Duration: 00:07:45
Popularity (downloads): 91
Learning histories in simulation based learning environment (2000)
A simulation-based learning module on a vacuum pump system is demonstrated. The learning historian allows users to record their actions and replay them to review what they did. A visual...

Genre: Educational
Keywords: HCIL;
Duration: 00:01:46
Popularity (downloads): 1192
NASAWhy?Files - Equilibrium (2002)
NASA Why? Files segment explaining the concept of equlibrium and how the Treehouse Detectives could maintain equlibrium in a Martian environment.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Why? Files; Adaptation; Environment; Oxygen; Atmosphere; Astronauts; Trash Management; Module; Sunlight; Gravity; Equlilibrium; Balanced System; Mars; Habitat; Weather; Meteors; Plants; Algae; Algal Bloom; Fish;
Duration: 00:02:33
Popularity (downloads): 1401

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