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Through the Canal Bottom (1912)
Scenes of the Panama Canal under construction.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Panama Canal;Civil engineering;Central America;
Duration: 00:07:28
Popularity (downloads): 225
Panama by Air (Reel 4) (1914)
Part of a six-reel film on the construction of the Panama Canal.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Panama Canal;Central America;Civil engineering;
Duration: 00:11:56
Popularity (downloads): 174
NASASciFiles - How the Ear Works (2003)
NASA Why? Files segment explaining how we hear sounds.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Hearing; Ear Canal; Ear Drum; Cochlea; Auditory Nerve; Brain; Frequency;
Duration: 00:00:56
Popularity (downloads): 2523
The Great Web of Water, segment 08 of 12 (1996)
The San Joaquin Valley is the major destination of CVP water

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 00:02:23
Popularity (downloads): 394
NASASciFiles - What We and Dogs Hear (2003)
NASA Why? Files segment comparing how humans hear to how dogs hear.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Psychoacoustician; Noise; Ear Canal;
Duration: 00:04:14
Popularity (downloads): 1480
The Great Web of Water, segment 10 of 12 (1996)
The southern portion of the Central Valley Project is described

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 00:02:18
Popularity (downloads): 323
The Great Web of Water, segment 09 of 12 (1996)
The system of lifting water into the San Joaquin Valley is shown

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 00:03:15
Popularity (downloads): 366
News Magazine of the Screen, The (1957) (1957)
Newsreel stories reformatted for classroom use. Includes: United Nations Condemns Russia; Carrier Landings by Mirror; Arctic Ice Cap Adventure; Hummingbird Sanctuary; Low-Level Crop Dusters; Centuries of Telling Time; Old and...

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Newsreels;
Duration: 00:21:17
Popularity (downloads): 126
The Story of Hoover Dam, segment 11 of 12 (1996)
A system of dams, aqueducts, and canals south of Hoover Dam is used for hydropower, municipal and

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Hoover Dam;Construction;Dam
Duration: 00:03:35
Popularity (downloads): 739
The Great Web of Water, segment 05 of 12 (1996)
Movement of the water through the Sacramento River portion of the project is explained

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 00:01:55
Popularity (downloads): 463

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