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NASAKSN - Floating In Space (2003)
NASA Kids Science News segment explaining why astronauts float in space.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Kids Science News; International Space Station; Weightless; Zero-Gravity; Float; Free-Falling; ISS; Orbit;
Duration: 00:00:58
Popularity (downloads): 1761
Your Town: A Story of America (1940)
Tribute to the strengths of the American system of free enterprise, funded by large manufacturers' association.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Free enterprise;Economics;
Duration: 00:10:12
Popularity (downloads): 149
NASAKSNN - Why Do Astronauts Float Inside The Space Shuttle (2005)
Why Do Astronauts Float Inside The Space Shuttle? This segments explains how weightlessness in space is similar to free fall.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Kids Science News Network; KSNN; Grant; Free fall; Weightlessness; Floating; Elevator;
Duration: 00:00:30
Popularity (downloads): 486
Rural wagon giving mail to branch, U.S.P.O. (1903)
The first scene shows a rural free delivery mail man standing waiting for the area mail to be delivered to him. As the film continues, a horse-drawn wagon marked "Rural...

Genre: Historical
Keywords: Rural free delivery; Mail receiving and forwarding services; Actuality--Shorts;
Duration: 00:00:55
Popularity (downloads): 374
NASASciFiles - Forces of Motion (2004)
NASA Sci Files segment explaining the different forces of motion including weightlessness, free fall, acceleration, and inertia and how they relate to space travel.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Sci Files; Forces of Motion; Free Fall; Weightlessness; Inertia; Acceleration; Parabola; Accelerometer; Space Travel; Roller Coaster;
Duration: 00:04:12
Popularity (downloads): 1708
Rural wagon delivering mail, U.S.P.O. (1903)
The subject is the delivery of the U.S. mail in a rural area. The camera was positioned in full sight of a standard rural free delivery post box located in...

Genre: Historical
Keywords: Rural free delivery; Postal service; Actuality--Shorts;
Duration: 00:00:46
Popularity (downloads): 439
Free-for-all race at Charter Oak Park (1897)
From Maguire & Baucus catalogue: Shows a part of the enormous crowd and the start and finish of the free-for-all pacing race, in which the fastest harness horse in the...

Genre: Historical
Keywords: Harness racing--Connecticut--Hartford; Harness racehorses--Connecticut--Hartford; Horse racing--Connecticut--Hartford; Racetracks (Horse racing)--Connecticut--Hartford; Hartford (Conn.); Horses--Connecticut--Hartford; Actuality;
Duration: 00:00:26
Popularity (downloads): 613
Free Air (1937)
Dramatic depiction of how gasoline and air mix to provide power in the automobile engine.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Automobiles: Engineering;
Duration: 00:09:38
Popularity (downloads): 725
In Our Hands, Part 2: What We Have (1950)
Strengths of the American free enterprise system and how it meets the needs of its citizens.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Cold War;Economics;
Duration: 00:13:53
Popularity (downloads): 104
Pursuit Of Profit (1965)
Presents a survey of independent businesses to show how free enterprise operates and contributes to the strength and stability of the country.

Genre: Ephemeral
Duration: 00:23:00
Popularity (downloads): 269

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