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[Back to Freedom: More War Prisoners Return to America] (1950)
437 Korean War prisoners return to the United States on a naval transport ship. Newsreel story.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Newsreels; Korean War; Korean War: Prisoners of war;
Duration: 00:47:00
Popularity (downloads): 458
Crime of Korea, The (1950)
Korea in the tumultuous period between the end of World War II and the start of the Korean War.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Korean War;Cold War;Anti-communism;
Duration: 00:15:10
Popularity (downloads): 695
[Relief Supplies for Korea] (1950)
Relief ship ""Hawaiian Bear"" sails from Port of Stockton (California), carrying cargo contributed by the American-Korean Foundation. Newsreel story.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Newsreels; Korean War; Transportation: Water;
Duration: 00:39:00
Popularity (downloads): 331
[Orphaned Korean Boy Arrives in San Francisco] (1950)
5-year-old, adopted by former serviceman Bill Pond, arrives on the liner President Cleveland in San Francisco. Newsreel story.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Newsreels; Korean War; Children;
Duration: 00:30:00
Popularity (downloads): 324
Getting Ready Physically (1951)
Korean War-era film encouraging high school boys to use the physical training, health and recreational resources of their communities so as to be ready for military service.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Korean War; Health and hygiene; Athletics;
Duration: 00:10:26
Popularity (downloads): 400
Service and Citizenship (1951)
Korean War-era film points out that military service should be understood as part of citizenship and that training in the everyday duties of citizenship is a part of the preparation...

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Korean War;Citizenship;
Duration: 00:10:28
Popularity (downloads): 85
News Magazine of the Screen, The (Vol. 1, Issue 6) (1951)
Newsreel stories reformatted for classroom use. Segments include: United Nations Condemns Red China (on the Korean War); General Eisenhower Surveys Atlantic Pact Defenses; Air News; The 82nd U.S. Congress Opens;...

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Newsreels;Korean War;
Duration: 00:21:29
Popularity (downloads): 133
Escape strategies for prisoners of war.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Military;
Duration: 00:18:46
Popularity (downloads): 316
News Magazine of the Screen, March (1952)
Newsreel stories reformatted for classroom use.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Newsreels;Korean War;Australia;
Duration: 00:20:41
Popularity (downloads): 79
News Magazine of the Screen (1952) (1952)
Newsreel stories reformatted for educational presentation.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Newsreels;Korean War;Cold War;
Duration: 00:20:31
Popularity (downloads): 153

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