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Drift Ice as a Geologic Agent, segment 06 of 11 (1993)
Ice wallow

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Ice;Geology;Ocean;
Duration: 00:01:30
Popularity (downloads): 416
Drift Ice as a Geologic Agent, segment 05 of 11 (1993)
Ice gouging

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Ice;Geology;Ocean;
Duration: 00:01:12
Popularity (downloads): 448
Chevrolet Leader News (Vol. 2, No. 2) (1936)
Promotional newsreels featuring a variety of Chevrolet-centric stories, including: a Chevrolet pulling an aquaplane along the beach; an isolated Kentucky village linked to the world by motor cars; alligator wrestling;...

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Car culture: Newsreels;Automobiles: Advertising;
Duration: 00:08:14
Popularity (downloads): 807
Drift Ice as a Geologic Agent, complete video (1993)
Authors Steve Wessells, Erk Reimnitz, Peter Barnes, and Ed Kempema use time-lapse film, animations, and drawings by Tau Rho Alpha to illustrate ice gouging, ice wallow, frazil and slush ice,...

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Ice;Geology;Ocean;
Duration: 00:19:43
Popularity (downloads): 1148
NASA Connect - VT -Scaling the Solar System (2004)
NASA Connect segment that explores how astronomers and scientists use astronomical units in measuring distances in the Solar System.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: NASA Connect; Scale; Distance; Solar System; Miles; Inches; Meters; Kilometers; Height; Width; Measurement Unit; Astronomical Unit; Baseline; Voyager One Spacecraft;
Duration: 00:04:43
Popularity (downloads): 1648
Drift Ice as a Geologic Agent, segment 02 of 11 (1993)
Overview of the film

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Ice;Geology;Ocean;
Duration: 00:02:18
Popularity (downloads): 543
Oceanfloor Legacy, segment 03 of 14 (1991)
The first goal is finding a disposal site for the sediment dredged from San Francisco Bay

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Ocean;Radioactive waste;San Francisco;
Duration: 00:02:38
Popularity (downloads): 381
America\'s New Frontier, segment 09 of 11 (1992)
Scientists talk about the results of the survey of the Hawaiian sea floor

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Ocean;Mapping;Geology;
Duration: 00:03:49
Popularity (downloads): 403
The Voyage of the Lee, segment 04 of 21 (1996)
Various types of equipment used in sea floor exploration can be found on the S. P. Lee

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Ocean;Geology;
Duration: 00:04:00
Popularity (downloads): 370
The Future of Energy Gases, segment 08 of 13 (1993)
We do not yet know whether gas hydrates could be used as an energy source

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Natural Gas;Acid Rain;
Duration: 00:01:11
Popularity (downloads): 648

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