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America's Millenium on the Mall - Blues: Past and Future - B.B. King's Guitar Technique (2000)
In the eighth segment B.B. King discusses his guitar technique, especially the origin of his use of tremolo.

Genre: Educational
Keywords: tremolo; blue note; bottle neck; Bukka White; steel guitar; hawaiian guitar; practice; nervous system; pizzacato; guitar like human voice; note as measuring sugar or flour; trill; Pavoroti; classical;
Duration: 00:05:32
Popularity (downloads): 536
NASAKSN - Blue Sky (2003)
Why is the sky blue?

Genre: Educational
Keywords: Alexandra Samsell; Rainbow; White Light; Gas; Scatter;
Duration: 00:00:57
Popularity (downloads): 1490
Computer Animation of Loma Prieta Aftershocks, segment 10 of 12 (1989)
The final animation shows selected earthquake focal spheres portrayed as three-dimensional beach balls

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Earthquakes;
Duration: 00:02:52
Popularity (downloads): 504
Computer Animation of Loma Prieta Aftershocks, segment 08 of 12 (1989)
Animations show aftershocks as dots and spheres inside a transparent box and from the view of a camera flying perpendicular to the fault plane

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Earthquakes;
Duration: 00:01:38
Popularity (downloads): 440
Writing Better Social Letters (1950)
While a teenage brother and sister write a thank-you note to their grandmother after visiting her on vacation, we learn the five parts of a friendly letter and more about...

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Social guidance: Etiquette;Communication: Writing;Communication: Postal;
Duration: 00:10:30
Popularity (downloads): 878
Soundie - Beyond The Blue Horizon (1944)
performed by The Three Suns

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: soundie;
Duration: 00:00:00
Popularity (downloads): 100
Exotic Terrane, segment 07 of 12 (1992)
Fossil discoveries in the Wallowa Mountains hinted that the Blue Mountains Island Arc was once an entire ocean away

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Geology;
Duration: 00:03:06
Popularity (downloads): 479
Profile In Blue
A profile of the Nassau County Police Department's history and departments, set to an interesting music score.

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Police;
Duration: 00:18:42
Popularity (downloads): 266
Journey through a Day (1967)
A young boy in red shirt and blue jeans wanders through the countryside and catches a fish. Poetic documentary-style evocation of a child's awareness of his environment. Producer: Dale Johnson....

Genre: Ephemeral
Keywords: Children; Nature; Environment;
Duration: 00:16:54
Popularity (downloads): 425
Oceanfloor Legacy, segment 07 of 14 (1991)
The mosaic of the main research area is an image of the inclined continental slope west of San Francisco

Genre: Documentary
Keywords: Ocean;Radioactive waste;San Francisco;
Duration: 00:01:58
Popularity (downloads): 392

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