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Off the Cuff: Approaching the Bible (2002)
This is a collection of comedy sketches poking fun at religion in general, the impetus being the Koran reading controversy from the summer of 2002.

Genre: Other
Keywords: Sketch comedy;Jesus;Parody;Religion;
Duration: 00:23:13
Popularity (downloads): 4358
Off the Cuff: The One Shot Episode (2002)
Can a whole 20 minute episode be done in one take? You bet it can! Watch as the comedy players of Off the Cuff do a whole episode without even...

Genre: Other
Keywords: Sketch comedy;Improvisation;
Duration: 00:19:09
Popularity (downloads): 3487
Wreckless (1935)
A Jam Handy ""comedy"" short sponsored by Chevrolet that touts modern car design's impact on safe driving.

Genre: Ephemeral
Duration: 00:17:20
Popularity (downloads): 301
Rave: Christmas Special (2003)
It is a cheery holiday season for many, except Vernon who is constantly bullied. However, the Christmas trees come alive and take revenge on his behalf but where will the...

Genre: Other
Keywords: Horror;Comedy;Christmas;Trees;
Duration: 00:30:02
Popularity (downloads): 4126

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